Posted 26 January 2023

Parkside Clamp & Sawing Guide Rail - £12.99 @ Lidl

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About this deal

  • For precise work with standard jigsaws, routers or circular saws
  • Sturdy and lightweight aluminium rail
  • Material-friendly clamping jaws
  • Can also be used for non-rectangular cutting guides
  • 3 step quick-release lever for optimal holding pressure
  • Also suitable for securing when gluing
  • Expansion range: 0-100cm
  • Cutting angle: 0-20°
  • Length: 122cm
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    Good product although has a design flaw but that can easily be fixed, see vid below but no need to 3d print anything, just slice up an old credit card...

    Noticed this issue myself cheers for the video!
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    Not in stock Bournemouth or Poole
    Is that because they aren't in stock until 5th February?
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    Pity it's not a bit longer. Not expecting to be able to rip 2.4m boards, but cross cutting sheets really requires it to be able to handle 1.2m wide boards.
    Came here for the sole reason of cutting 1220mm plywood lengths, guess I'll be clamping stripwood like a right hippie instead.
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    The link now shows an error 404 and it’s not on the list of DIY stuff due for release tomorrow (Sun 5th)

    I noticed that as well, it's not the first time I've seen lidl stuff advertised and then a day or two before it drops silently from the website
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    Couldn't you achieve this with 2 clamps and a bit of wood
    Yep, that's what i do. But it's faff, I'm getting one of these
  6. Avatar
    Do I need it? No
    Will I use it? No
    Do I want it? Yes

    My collection grows.
    HUKD strikes again!
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    Good find, will look out for one so I can finally stop messing about with a T-square alternative
  8. Avatar
    It it possible to buy red blade for this ? Is the quality as good as the Master Replica kit ?
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    You can only rightfully own this if you win it in combat, yeah? This is the way.
  10. Avatar
    That's handy.
  11. Avatar
    looking at doing some wood panelling in the near future so this will come in very handy, thanks OP
  12. Avatar
    I really thought that was a lightsaber at first glance!
    Same, I'll blame the 3 night shifts I've just done lol
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    Got one last year and it's been really useful. The clamp doesn't apply as much pressure just incase people wonder, but holds wood secure enough when sawing, gluing etc given it to a friend who will be using it with a jigsaw this week after they seen the crazy prices for proper jigsaw cutting guides.
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    Thanks Op got one last year use it to Clamp pallet wood and make things.. But can't seem to find any pallet plans.
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    I've ruined two of these clamps when using them with a circular saw to do longer cross cuts. Unless you are very precise in your use of the saw, you will find there is a tendency for it to slip off line and bite into the track. As this is made of soft aluminium, it is very easily gouged and rendered unusable. It's best to use a straight batten and two clamps for this kind of work (and safer!)
    Surely the edge of the base plate keeps the blade away from the rail?
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    This is brilliant. Thanks
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    Anyone actually seen this in store? Was planning to pop in later.
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    49486171-ZAgHm.jpgI’ve just got one, they had loads instore and it wasn’t obvious what they were!