Parkside Cordless Car Polisher - £24.99 @ LIDL

Parkside Cordless Car Polisher - £24.99 @ LIDL

£24.99LIDL Deals
LocalFound 25th Feb 2010
Am not sure if it was posted before, but seems a decent price for 18v.
* Polishing pad size ?(cm): 20
* Quick charging time approx. (hr): 1
* Powerful 18V rechargeable battery
* Includes 2 synthetic and 2 terry towelling polishing bonnets - all detachable and washable
* 3 year manufacturer's warranty
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went instore to get the trolley jack and axel stand. got tempted with this one!!
Is this orbital or a random orbital? If it just spins round on a fixed axel, you may do more harm than good as you'll introduce swirl marks.
The best way to potentially ruin your paintwork, all it takes is one tiny piece of debris and you could be in for a big bill to put it right
Ditto from me. Take it back mate. They can and do leave 'swirls' and you'll regret it BIG TIME if you get any grit on that pad!!!
to be honest, i think it may be better spending a little more and getting one of these:…640

yes it's corded, but the size of the polisher is bigger and it really does a good job.
quick review here:…tml
The halfords is better as is a random orbital - so doesn't spin in one direction so harder to create swirl marks. Still can be done if you're not careful.

I only use an electric polisher after washing the car (2 bucket method) and then using a clay bar to all tar etc (that cannot be removed by washing alone) is gone.
thanks for the advice, will take it back.…tml

Some of the above site is a bit ott but depends on how long you want your car looking good.
look at [url][/url] - fantastic site will help you get a better deal
Why not good old elbow grease?
Your meant to wash the car?????:?
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