Parkside Pressure Washer 105 Bar £39.99 @ LIDL
Parkside Pressure Washer 105 Bar £39.99 @ LIDL

Parkside Pressure Washer 105 Bar £39.99 @ LIDL

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Been to LIDL today and saw this was on offer.

Parkside high pressure cleaner
1450 Watt 100 bar

I think this is a good deal for a 105 bar pressure washer.


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I bought this a couple of weeks ago and it did an excellent job of cleaning 4 years of muck from my patio! So I am very pleased with it.

This looks alright, anyone know what type of fittings are on them? I have a snow foam gun with bosch style fittings so its not worth the £50 for a new one to fit a £40 pressure washer.

depending on the snow gun you can get a new connector for a fre bob from somewhere like clean your car or autobright direct

Its trying to get the damn things off thats the hassle, the connector on mine is brass and is well and truly fused to the snow gun. A friend had the same gun and ruined it when he got changed the adaptor, seemingly all the new ones have plastic adaptors as a result of it being a common problem.

Contact who you got it from a they will be able to tell you how to correctly remove the connector.
You may need to use thread lock or something on the new adapter.
-Out of intrest where did you get yours from? Im about to order one...


Christ, er, I got mine from an ebay seller about a year ago. Think they were 'autorae chem'.

Got the foam and lance kit but wasn't to impressed with the grime removal properties of the foam. Will be trying something else when I run out. As for the gun, it is just well and truly locked solid, I fear that removing the adaptor will break either the gun or my hands.

go on [url]www.detailingworld.co.uk[/url] and ask on there.

If this is the gun then you can change the adaptor as it's a 'standered one' that lots of people sell.

For foam, ppl genually recomend valetpro PH neutral snow foam or Bilt Hamber Auto-foam unless you have alot of grime then a foaming TFR is required...

Yeah, I'm a member. Honestly, I know I should be able to change it, but it is genuinely jammed totally solid :lol:

do you have a adaptor for a pakside patio cleaner which I have to fit a karcher lance thanks.

my hose has split on this model , do you no if and where i can get a spare one ? thank you

Where can you get a replacement hose for that model?? Thanks
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