Parrot Bebop Drone and Controller £249.99 @ Argos

Parrot Bebop Drone and Controller £249.99 @ Argos

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Found 15th Nov 2017
Feels like a good deal compared to similar spec drones out there (drones enthusiasts please correct me if it’s not I only really know DJI).

Bebop 2 starts at £399 without controllers

Comes in three colours, Red, Yellow, Blue! Reviews well

battery life less than others but you get multiple batteries so that improves performance

The Parrot Bebop Drone is a fantastic quadcopter equipped with a powerful wide angle camera for capturing Full HD videos and 14MP stills. With advanced digital video stabilization, your videos will remain stable despite the inclination of the drone or movements caused by wind. Controllable via smartphone, tablet or the included Skycontroller, the Bebop is as versatile as you need to be. The Skycontroller delivers optimum control and extended range, whereas using a smartphone or tablet offers reduced range, but allows for maximum portability.

Capture beautifully stable, Full HD videos.

With 3 photography modes, you can create stunning aerial images up to 14MP.

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Same price on Amazon (for certain Colours)...…h=1
wickenden8 m ago

Same price on Amazon (for certain …Same price on Amazon (for certain Colours)...

Amazon seem to match the market as notice this is a commen comment on loads of BF deals today is that normal for them?. They don’t seem to have much stock though so guessing they didn’t plan for Actuvity on it
They are quite impressive but there are some issues with them. I've had a couple. First one had a wonky GPS. It would get a fix eventually, but it records home point on take of so if where to loos the signal it wouldn't come back. On the second the front right motor would cut out mid flight for no apparent reason making it crash land. The controller is really cumbersome. On the positive they are fun to fly, video quality is OK in good lighting conditions.
Just over a week ago they had the DJI Phantom 3 for £349 which I thought was a much better deal. Picked one up for myself
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