Parrot Disco fixed wing drone £399 Currys and Amazon

Parrot Disco fixed wing drone £399 Currys and Amazon

Found 7th Dec 2017
Back to the price from a couple of weeks back, except no code needed this time.

Available at Currys and Amazon (thought temporarily out of stock at Amazon).

1% Quidco/TCB
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Save £500 and still over priced by a long way for those already involved in the model flying community. Be naff all left of this if you were flying it up on the mills.

49 Mph for model flying isnt considered fast.

If you are daft enough to buy this please consider joining BMFA and getting yourself insured.
Well as someone who has been in that community for the last 20 odd years I disagree (ish) - i don't see them as comparable because it is a much more consumer friendly device than any RC FPV setup. Vastly overpriced at 900 for sure, but at this price I think it's actually worth it. I don't have the time to build and set up anything equivalent these days (and you'd need a gimbal to do what the stabilisation does). If you want a DIY FPV plane I doubt you'd be considering this, and vice versa. I guess this is really marketed at the mass "drone" (quad) market. (And compared to those camera quads it is quite fast). My mini radjet and EDFs smoke it of course.

Agreed on the insurance front, also FPVUK an option.
Back up to £449, and not available from Amazon. Expiring.
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