Parrot PPV7 Digital Photo Frame reduced from £52 to £8 at Orange
Reduced from £52 to £8 - Add to basket and it drops to £8

Display and share your favourite photos digitally using the best in photo display technology with the Parrot 7" photo viewer. Transfer your photos using bluetooth technology, the frame receives files from Bluetooth mobile phones, Bluetooth digital cameras and Bluetooth PCs and can store and display over 500 photos in JPEG format. Choose to display one single shot or show all 500 in one continuous slide show, alternatively you can select a few images and create your own personalised slide show.

high-resolution digital TFT screen with 720 x 480 pixels
displays photos with 262,144 colors
7" LCD display screen
features Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR
stores over 500 photos in its internal memory
automatically adapts the picture size to the screen
brightness adjustment
adjustable backlight (manual or automatic)
maximum range 10 meters


tempted i must admit, but i don't really want one

Cex gives £10 for this, or sells for £20

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They take up to 9 units on Cex so i buy 9 for £72 and then sell to Cex for £90 .... lol

And use Cex for the delivery address, and save yourself shipping!

isn't there normally around 8 things that are reduced to £8?

EDIT - yup, 3 posts down

It say £52??

In Stock

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Ok - This isnt in the deals anymore... think they've removed because of our hypothetical plan to make money lol

Sorry, once you go to the check out, your back total is £8.00
Heat add it

tried ordering but wont go through, goes back to first page.


Sorry, once you go to the check out, your back total is £8.00Heat add it

not anymore, its still now showing £52 in the basket, i really wanted one

512mb internal memory, and not expandable!!


back to £52 now, went through to payment screen twice, but no confirmation so not sure if i`ve got 1, or 2 or none!

Don't bother won't let you buy it

Duplicate posting … Duplicate posting offhttp://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/8-products-for-8-pounds-each-orange/716032

lol, get in there fella, protect your territory

Not working now....shows £52 at checkout

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As explained your post was title was 8 things for £8 people might not want to click that... if they are looking for a photo frame and see this thread they will click it.

This site is so petty sometimes....

irrelevant the orders arent going through. Might as well be 1p.
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