Parrot RKi8400 £179.99 @ Halfords

Parrot RKi8400 £179.99 @ Halfords

Found 2nd Dec 2010
Previous price £299 and fitting at £39. In car Head unit this is a fitted price however you will need to buy SOT lead for your make of car. Make hands-free calls easily using voice recognition, charge & store your iPhone/iPod, and enjoy incredible sound quality. This
stereo unit allows full control of your iPhone/iPod or other MP3 player and has twin external mic for clarity when using bluetooth to make and recieve calls. The front panal of the unit lifts off to revel compartment for iPod/iPhone thus you cannot use your phone as a sat nav with this system, but the tech websites I have looked at still rate it as a decent system. Is available online as well.

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