Party Food half price this week only at M&S

Party Food half price this week only at M&S

Found 9th Nov 2009
Delicious M&S party food - half price. This stuff is great quality, absolutely delicious!
Can be frozen so ideal for Christmas/New Year parties.

Long list of items, including:
Mini smoked salmon & soft cheese bagels
duck spring rolls
party selection platter
mini hamburgers
breaded prawns
brie & cranberry parcels
mini hot pies
cheese rolls wrapped in bacon
fish & chip fingers
I can't remember the rest!
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Tis is making me HUNGRY!!
Ends 15th November.
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went in there this morning & got the samon bagels :-D if you go in there today look out for the half price deal on the meals that were in the ten pound meal for 2 offer as well :thumbsup:
Thanks! yummy
We got a few of these on Saturday to put away for christmas, as most (all?) of it is freezable.

Great deal, and nice food.
Got some yesterday for the freezer - except some haven't made it!! Got the indian selection £1.99, 40 cocktail sausages and 40 cocktail sausage rolls - less than £1.50 each. Bargain!

Got some yesterday for the freezer - except some haven't made it!!

That's why I put mine straight in the freezer lol!
I love the duck spring rolls but they give me windy pops
excellent gonna get some later in week, got 2for£10 food at half price today, lots to choose from:thumbsup:
Good spot. Not often you find an M&S deal on here. Be interesting to see if they've maintained the quality.
Can you freeze the bagels?
Great find.

New deal every Weds apparently up to Xmas.
Mmmm.. sounds good! :thumbsup:
The cheese wrapped in bacon which i thought sounded gross tasted absolutely divine!!

Can you freeze the bagels?

Yep, it says suitable for freezing on the pack :thumbsup:
Many thanks, have got this week off work so I do not know if its a good idea to be looking on here, too easy too go out and spend!!
I bought quite a lot of the party food today, the mini pies and mini chicken kievs are great value for money.
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:thumbsup:Hot from me, will go and see what I can pick up.
Got these today
40 Cocktail Sausage Rolls for £1.49
12 Mini Pies (Chicken & Steak/Ale) for £2.49
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