Party Girls Ps2 @ WH Smith online for £1.99!...one for the boys...
Party Girls Ps2 @ WH Smith online for £1.99!...one for the boys...

Party Girls Ps2 @ WH Smith online for £1.99!...one for the boys...

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In this game you get to control a number of scantily clad heroines in a number of minigames which take place in or near a swimming pool. Since the game is essentially centred around the utter objectification of women, it is perhaps aimed for a male target audience only. Minigames include one of the girls swimming across a pool and judging the right speed to stop and kiss another girl's backside. Another involves our innocent ladies rubbing a thermometer as fast as possible in order to heat it up, setting off a rocket at the top. As you can now see, this game is not really a family game but is a good fun multiplayer to play with your mates.

If you look in the Ps2 section there are alot more games from £1.99!
Great stocking fillers!



LMAO That's kind of a funny premise for a PS2 game!! Would be great craic at a house party though... ;-)

You can actually purchase it for about £[SIZE=5][COLOR=red][SIZE=4]1.89[/SIZE] [/COLOR][/SIZE]if you will use the 10% voucher


Great price! Other titles are also quite interesting::thumbsup:

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I hope you don't mind me adding some pix kimbo_frog.

Also do not forget the [SIZE=4][COLOR=red]7% quidco[/COLOR]...[/SIZE]
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