Party Items 75% off  - Party Bags, Candles & Invitations. Sainsburys Instore.

Party Items 75% off - Party Bags, Candles & Invitations. Sainsburys Instore.

Found 27th Oct 2009
Party Items Reduced Instore at Sainsburys.
75% off marked price.

I got Scooby Doo Party Bags (8 in a pack) for 32p
Ben10 Invites (8 invites) 62p
Age Candle 12p (eg large number 5 candle.)
Striped plastic wipeable Table Cloth 62p

All bougth instore in Rayleigh Weir,Essex.
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do you know if that is nationwide or just your local.?
i got the ben 10 invites a couple of weeks ago from the cheshire oaks store if thats any help and there were 20 invites not 8
Nice if you can get some and have a party due :thumbsup:
There are 20, sorry I said 8.
My first post and rushed!!

Was even more excited as throwing a party for ky kids tomorrow. V Handy!!!

Not sure if nationwide..
I got cheap Scooby Doo napkins for 42p in Chelmsford today. They had a few bits and bobs of Ben 10 and some girly things (didn't pay much attention as I've only got boys!). Only had number 0 and number 4 candles. BEWARE though, they had full price items mixed in with the reduced stuff (I picked up the tablecloth which was next to the cheap napkins but then realised it wasn't reduced)
That is soo true. You have to look at each one individually. Thanks for pointing that out.
I'm gutted though as needed a 4 and they had 0 2 5 and 6s in my store.
Also forgot they had the party cups down to 20p!
Definitely in Letchworth Herts - All Dr Who party 75% off, 'Happy birthday' loot bags and paper cup 24p etc
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