PARTY....illuminated 3 tier Drinks Fountain with 5 cups ONLY £18.94 !!! Del - Gadgetshop

PARTY....illuminated 3 tier Drinks Fountain with 5 cups ONLY £18.94 !!! Del - Gadgetshop

Found 26th Apr 2008
There is nothing more distressing than having unimpressed party guests. So, to avoid hearing groans of disapproval at any party you throw, we recommend the Drinks Fountain. The reason we advise this course of action is simple - people will be so impressed with The Drinks Fountain that they will not notice if the party lacks atmosphere. Or if your other guests are slightly unsavoury. It works like this: you fill the Drinks Fountains with punch (or any other beverage you choose), then turn it on.

The fountain pumps the drink from the delightfully illuminated lower bowl to the top tier. Once there the drink overflows and cascades down from the top level to the next and so on. This causes a stunning waterfall effect that allows guests to fill their cups without using a ladle. Leaving everyone truly satisfied.

1 x Main bowl
5 x Cups
1 x First tier bowl
1 x Second tier bowl
5 x Spouts
1 x Top piece
Bottom bowl illuminates
Crafted in high-quality crystalline plastic
Mains powered
No ladle required.


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This was £14.99 in Asda a short while ago- My friend has one, and it clogs very easily!
Good fun though!


got basically the same thing from currys back in december for a tenner. never had a problem with clogging, does say in the box no juices from pulp to be used and such incase of blockage.

Yeah, it was more that fact that we had to wait for the fizz to calm down- not with pulp...... it took a while to reach the top!
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