Passenger - Young as the Morning Old as the Sea - £4.99 @ iTunes

Passenger - Young as the Morning Old as the Sea - £4.99 @ iTunes

Found 29th Sep 2016
In a bid to beat the boss to number 1 in the album charts this week, you can get Passenger's new album on iTunes for just £4.99!

Yes, he has more songs than 'Let Her Go'!


fanbloomintastic......can I give double heat? great track on here with Birdy.Anyone not listened to more than Let Her Go,go listen to Scare Away The Dark great lyrics!

I recommend his older album: wicked man's rest

"I'm the boy that's calling your house
I'm the boy that's freaking you out
With my thermal flask of tea
Up there in your neighbour's tree

Some half terrible, half genius lyrics from the album that will get you arrested

this is also free on amazon prime music if you have it

and your not APy...;)
Edited by: "cburns" 29th Sep 2016

This is another amazing album from one of the best song writers in too many years, this album has an upbeat feeling and some amazingly observant this guy. My wife says i have a man crush on Mike! She could be right!

Same price on 7digital for 320kbps MP3 And a little more for some flac options
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