Passive 3D, 47" LG TV. LG 47LD920. £550 at Richer Sounds

Passive 3D, 47" LG TV. LG 47LD920. £550 at Richer Sounds

Found 25th May 2011
Following on from my previous deal, I was wondering if this one was any better.

Obviously only passive 3D, however, bigger screen.

Better, or worse?


I was in Richer Sounds on sunday and saw this TV.

They was showing the animated film "UP" on it and the picture did look very good however it's hard to get a bad picture when showing a rendered animated film on a HD telly even in 780 HD Ready mode.

The sound also seemed ok.

It's a tough call on this one as I can't find any reviews at all on the net plus brookheather is right it is only 3D when using Sky 3D.

It is however 200hz which does make it a cracking price for the size and spec.

I may ask them to put something else on that isn't animated however i always thought Plasmas were better when a telly gets to this size???

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The thing I worry about with this is the 150,000 contrast ratio with such a big screen.
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