Past or present Armed Forces and Emergency Services discounts

Past or present Armed Forces and Emergency Services discounts

Found 4th Oct 2013
Being Ex RN I have just come across this website that offers both online and high street discounts for serving and Ex serving armed forces personnel. The list is pretty comprehensive and it even offers discount at the supermarkets for your shopping. Here's what it says on the website

The Defence Discount Service is a valuable and tangible part of the nation's recognition and appreciation of the Armed Forces Community. It is seen as an important element in developing the Armed Forces Covenant across the UK. The Defence Discount Service gives members of the Armed Forces Community discounts both online and on the high street. The Membership Card is a physical card that members of the Armed Forces Community can take into stores, restaurants and venues in order to obtain a discount.

Also thanks to SUMMONER the link to the emergency services one is below
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That's pretty good. Never heard of it before but it all seems to be legit.
They have a facebook page too by the look of it…ice
Thanks op

I Paid the £4.99 for the 5 year card as well.

I will get that money back just from the Jack wills offer ! Not to mention the 10% of KFC all the time !!!!

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Super Heat from me

I have had a good look on there and to be fair there are some cracking deals. Some of the voucher ones are quite good. I travel a lot with work so the 20% off at Moto services is brilliant for me.

There is also the Blue Light Card, for everyone working for the UK emergency services.

The Blue Light Card is available to all members of the UK's Emergency … The Blue Light Card is available to all members of the UK's Emergency Services, NHS & Armed Forces. This includes members of the HM Coast Guards, RNLI, HM Prison Services, St John Ambulance & MOD

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Hi SUMMONER, thanks for posting. it looks exactly the same to be honest except better! The blue light card is open to a far broader range of people.
The cards are both issued by the same company, just update your deal title/link.

They likely created the dedicated Armed Services card because otherwise the MOD would not have endorsed it.
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A good idea in theory, but needs a lot of work.
The website isn't well designed and doesn't offer any good deals at all. Only 11 outlets listed, 2 of which are amusement parks. Haven't heard of more than half of the rest.

But worst of all is they've totally misjudged their market. They've partnered with the sun and the sun are using it as a propaganda tool in their pages to act like they care about and support the emergency services. That wasn't the same attitude they had a decade ago when they staked out fire stations and stitched up a load of firefighters with lies. Hence to this day you cannot find a copy of this trash on a fire station, and any organisation that partners with it in this manner won't get the support of the fire service.
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