Pat Says Now Funky Neoprene With Zip Ipad & Laptop Covers £2.99 Delivered Blacksheep Mobile @ Ebay

Pat Says Now Funky Neoprene With Zip Ipad & Laptop Covers £2.99 Delivered Blacksheep Mobile @ Ebay

Found 4th Feb 2014
These are really cheap. Similar "Pat Says Now" ipad covers go from around £17 to £23 for the laptop covers elsewhere.

Not all selections available, but Union Jack, Pattern, Kokeshi, Polka Dot and GT Racing designs left:

Union Jack 7"-9" ipad
Pattern 8.9"-11.6" (sold out now)
Pattern 12"-13.3
Polka Dot 7"-9" ipad (sold out now)
Kokeshi 14"-15.4" (sold out)
GT Racing 8.9"-11.6"

Edit: An additional one added: GT Racing 14"-15.6" (sold out).
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Polka Dot:



GT Racing:

Union Jack:
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Darn it, my laptop doesn't fit the design I like. Very good price though, have a little heat.
Thanks OP. I've ordered 3. Just what I needed for my iPad mini, surface pro and laptop
Who's Pat?
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Only 10 available now of "Pattern 8.9"-11.6" variety*. The rest still show "more than 10 in stock".

*Edit: Kokeshi 14"-15.4" sold out.
An additional one added: GT Racing 14"-15.6" sold out.
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Fab. Ordered one, hope it fits the son broke the last one grrrr!! Voted hot
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Got mine today. Considering my only neoprene case was a Poundland one for my's a lovely cover and well-made. Even the way it's packaged is nice (not that it really matters as it's the case you're using).

I've got my Lenovo 12.1" X200 in the Pattern 12"-13.3 cover. I needed the extra inch or so to accomodate the 9-cell battery I bought, which sticks out the back a little!

Hope you're all as pleased as I am.
Hot! Bought one more than a month ago. The smell is quite unpleasant at first but disappeared in a few days so hopefully not a big deal.
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Surprised at that comment as I can be quite sensitive to chemical-y smells and mine was absolutely fine? Maybe you should have emailed the seller.
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Bit strange but most of the laptop covers remaining are all showing as £44.99 now (?).

There's only one £2.99 cover left: Kokeshi 14"-15.4".
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All gone, the three remaining laptop cover options are £44.99 for some reason!
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