Patak's Curry Paste (all varieties), £1.40 @ Asda

Patak's Curry Paste (all varieties), £1.40 @ Asda

Found 10th Apr 2012
Good price for these. I use them all the time. The other 'supers' are charging £2.02-£2.09.

Korma, Tikka Masala, Madras, Rogan Josh, Jalfrezi, Balti, Extra Hot, Tikka, Mild, Tandoori, Garam Masala & Kashmiri.
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Just to mention, this is the paste not the sauce. Paste is the more expensive as it's not a one use only product like the sauce so good deal! Sauces' are currently £1 in Asda.
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This is a decent price for the pastes, as the OP says the price is now over £2 in most places.

IMO these produce much better curries than the sauces and each jar will make 4 or 5 servings for two as opposed to one use for the sauces.

88p in morrisons

You muppet. The pastes are not, and have never been, 88p. Maybe, as some others have said, the '1 use' sauces might be 88p, but when I buy the Tikka Masala and Madras jars, 1/2 a jar of each makes, along with a couple of tins of toms and some fresh coriander, makes enough curry for 8 people. So, two jars will comfortably make 16 portions. Try that with your 88p sauces. Too many are just letting their bellies rumble and then reaching for the cold vote, when they clearly don't know a good deal when they see one.

No deals posted in 1 year 2 months. Maybe you should post a deal about 88p curry sauces in Morrisons.
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This is a decent price for the pastes - i pay over £2 a jar in Tesco usually.

88p in morrisons

Yep, just as I thought. Just been looking at the offers on the Morrisons site, and:

Pataks Indian Cooking Sauce Jars 500g
£1.76 per kg
Half Price

NOT the pastes that I posted! Try checking your facts next time.
Oops sorry
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