Pataks Curry Sauce’s All Varieties 2 for 1.20 @ B&M

Pataks Curry Sauce’s All Varieties 2 for 1.20 @ B&M

LocalFound 12th Nov 2017
95p each or 2 for 1.20 on all varieties
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Can't believe they have put the price up-been 59p each or 2 for £1 in my local B&M for ages
Yea 2 for £1 in heron too
Not sure how to vote as there isn't an option for Medium!
Paul these are the glass jars, I used to love the tins which were 59p but they stopped doing those too, this is a good price as have been £1 each for a fair while
Nothing like the original stuff. Stick to your local curry houses🤣
There weren't any tomatoes in mine, I guess I had a faulty balti
Not bad. A smaller than normal jar though at 400g, if the shelf label is correct (450g is standard, and I'm pretty sure they were 500g in the not-too-distant past).
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ethithrift35 m ago

2 for £1 at Poundland: …2 for £1 at Poundland:

Just the tikka though. B&M is all varieties
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