Pataks lime pickle £1 down from £1.99 @ Tesco

Pataks lime pickle £1 down from £1.99 @ Tesco

Found 30th Jan
This is the normal size jar, not the 'half jar' that are in some supermarkets.

Great with sausages, a little ketchup and a soupçon of pepper

In store and online.
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Negative. Cost only £1 in Indian shops in London
I put some on a Poppadom and was nearly sick!

Not the same as the tray of pickle in a curry house
Local Aldis have the smaller jars to clear at £0.08 and raita at £0.08
With rice and curry
Tried this stuff, hated it
This stuff is more suited for Indian born tastebuds..
This pickle is very tangy
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