Pathology @ Head Entertainment Pathology £2.24 Too Human  Xbox 360 £5.99

Pathology @ Head Entertainment Pathology £2.24 Too Human Xbox 360 £5.99

Found 25th Apr 2009
Was in medowhall sheffield today and picked up pathology on dvd for 2.24 and also got Too Human for 5.99 most of the sale stuff has got 25% off and there is loads of boxes full of CDs going at 25% off stickerd price.

done a price run and found that the next cheapest is at sendit for £2.89

to clarify the marked prices on the films arnt what u pay they have got 25% off marked price and as far as Im aware its on everything, thats the impression I got with 25% off everywhere


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I can take a photo of recipt if need be

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I had also picked up Top gear sub zero album for 5.99
hundred reasons - shatterproof is not a challenge + Mogwai Special edition Mr Beast both for 3.75 (Found these in one of the many boxes of CDS) and picked up all the boys love mandy lane for 4.49.

Plenty of bargains to be had in there will prolly do another visit soon


was marked £2.99 so i left and bought from here…uct

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yea its marked at 2.99 but its 25% off look at my receipt + Says it all over the store in meadowhall that 25% off marked prices
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