PATRIOT 64GB SSD £69.99 @ Overlockers

PATRIOT 64GB SSD £69.99 @ Overlockers

Found 9th Aug 2010
Cheapest I can find anywhere for this size!
FREE Del if you are a OCUK forum member or add £8 for shipping.

The Patriot PS-100 SSD is a great way to upgrade an existing desktop or notebook computer. The PS-100 drive brings faster boot and application load times, reduced power consumption and improved durability. Looking to extend the length of your notebook’s battery? The PS-100 significantly reduces power draw extending battery life and reducing heat. PS-100 drives are more durable than traditional hard drives and are ready for the rough and tumble world of every day computing. What’s more, they are silent.

- Capacity: 64GB
- Cache: 64MB
- Controller: Phison PS3016-S3
- Read: Up to 210MB/sec
- Write: Up to 150MB/sec
- NAND Flash: Multi-Level Cell (MLC)
- Interface: SATA-II
- Low Power Consumption
- Lightweight (75g)
- Shock Resistant
- Warranty: 3 Years


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Even with the del. , it's cheaper than the next closest which is £84 at ebuyer.

There's a reason it's cheap no TRIM plus :…534
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ouch! Let's expire this then

plus its cheaper here


There have been some 1tb deals for £50.

Only joking, I thought I would get it in before anyone else. You know the type, they just see gb size and vote cold.

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plus its cheaper here£69.47

Do you realize that's a dodgy site?

I found overclockers a nightmare to deal with so very cold from me.
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