PATTEX Silicone (White or Clear) £1.79 @ Lidl (from 26th May)

PATTEX Silicone (White or Clear) £1.79 @ Lidl (from 26th May)

Found 20th May 2014
Been after stocking up on this to fix a leaky/draughty shed, this should do the job nicely.
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Is this any good? Have a leaky plastic keter shed that needs sorting. Previously bought the unibond silver tape which was meant to repair sheds & allegedly waterproof! Started peeling off in a week
Silicone is Silicone, it's a bit like asking "Is Cast Iron any good?"

As long as it's got something to stick to, try some garden netting or something, I sealed a shed that had mice coming in and was rotten so the gaps were about 1" wide. Pumped it all with silicone and painted over it with lots of bituminous paint, result is the shed lasts a bit longer and the mice have to look for someone else's shed to sh1t all over.

Fill the gaps then smooth it with a finger dipped in water/white spirit. It will dry like hard rubber.
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