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Paul John Mithuna Indian Single Malt Whisky ABV 58% 5cl - £9.10 @ Amazon

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    5cl for £9.10??? That’s £127.40 a bottle!  

    I’ll pass. 
    Edited as I got my figures completely wrong

    Yes... but a bottle of this costs £209 on amazon at the minute so this is almost half price... sometimes these miniatures are the best ways of tasting whiskies that would otherwise be out of most people's reach. I've bought bottles for around £60 before and sold them a few years later for £600, it's all about supply and demand in the whisky game. (edited)
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    £210 on average from different websites for a 70cl (edited)
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    Not sure I’ll buy based on that review Kitty
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    Unfortunately this was never going to fare well when you have people commenting on how you can get Jim Beam for £14. I wish people who didn’t understand a subject wouldn’t vote, but there you go! For anybody wanting to try this and not wanting to spend a fortune on a bottle, it seems a good price
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    Pass on this deal
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    £9 for a 50ml shot of whisky?
    25ml to 30ml is the standard shot size at a bar or pub. You can easily spend that much on a decent whisky!
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    70cl of Jim Beam is £14 at Asda.
    You prefer eating chalk over cheese?
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    Jim Beam... good god no, no, no.

    The definition of good price... hmmmm, is this whisky going to taste and also be worthy of £190 more than you common off the shelf dram for say £20?!?
    It seems curiosity can cost a lot.
    TBF,if people go to a pub or bar,you can often spend £5 for a shot of cheap alcohol which is only 25ml~30ml. So this for 50ml isn't such a huge stretch to try an exotic whiskey.
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    People questioning the price of this that have probably spent more on a crap starter in a pub or a rubbish bottle of wine they’ve smashed in one sitting. Gather some perspective.

    Heat would have been added, gutted I missed it! (edited)
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    At the end of the day if you know what you're talking about with whisky then you know how good a deal this was. If you don't, you should stick to the Jack Daniels and Jim Beam £15 bottle listings.
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