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Paul Masson 75cl Red, white or rose wine £2.99@ Netto
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Paul Masson 75cl Red, white or rose wine £2.99@ Netto

Posted 14th Feb 2010
As from tomorrow, £2.99 for 750 ml Paul Masson and also cheaper wine at £2.69, see page 1 of ebrochure
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I would rather go for the Lindemans or the Kumala for £3.99, on the current deals, I think this stuff tastes like anti freeze...

but each to his or her's own...
I think it's quite drinkable, well worth it for £2.99
Paul Masson - is that really still around? Up there with Blue Nun and White Tower - a throwback to the 'tasteless' 70s! Introduced a lot of Brits to wine though.

Cheap though - you can pour the wine away and you still have a carafe!
Whats a caraffe?....a Vase?
So you can buy

White - pi$$
Rose - pi$$ with hint of blood
Red - pi$$ but your internal organs have blown up
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