Paul Smith London Aftershave 30ml EDT - £14.81 @ Debenhams

Paul Smith London Aftershave 30ml EDT - £14.81 @ Debenhams

Found 20th May 2011
My favourite aftershave! Quite pungent; it stings the nostrils...

I honestly thought this Paul Smith smell had been discontinued ages ago; I've struggled to find it on the high street or online, which I was pretty gutted about because this was one of the first aftershaves I ever splashed out on (no pun intended). I have just the one bottle and it's now getting quite low. So imagine how pleased I was when just last week, my friend told me he'd spotted my favourite musk in Debenhams!? Only thing was it was a tiny 30ml bottle and it was a steep £29.62. Still, that's a small price to pay for a "definite panty-dropper" as my friend put it, so I went in to Debenhams (S-o-T) today to buy a bottle and to take advantage of their current summer sale, expecting a 10-20% discount.

Only when I got to the smellies section, the Paul Smith London was marked-up at £14.81 - half price! So I treated myself to two bottles! Bargain!

Paul Smith London is quite a musky smell; very rich but not harsh. It's one of those colognes that you either love or hate. Scent stamina is very high too; this aftershave lasts and lasts!

I'm not sure how long this offer price will remain for, probably as long as the Debenhams summer sale event. This is an in-store and online deal, currently with free UK delivery too.
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This was a surprise, searched long and hard for this myself with no luck. Girlfriend got a bottle from ebay over a year ago and my sis in the states found 2 in some market in Los Angeles. Good find, well done.
Have some heat, great find. Extremely rare to find this these days as has been discontinued but is one of my fave aftershaves of all time and normally sells for much more on a certain auction site!

A true deal, just a shame no one will ever see it as this isn't the kind of thing that makes it to the front page!
Thanks for posting, hope its as nice as you say as ordered 3 for xmas box

Thanks for posting, hope its as nice as you say as ordered 3 for xmas box … Thanks for posting, hope its as nice as you say as ordered 3 for xmas box

always got complimented when i used to wear this ... lovely smell !
Cheers guys.

Forgot to add, there's 3% Quidco too, so that brings the price down to £14.37.
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Plenty seen in Oxford St store last weekend. Shame it's such a tiny bottle!
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