Paw Patrol first tri scooter £8 at Jacks instore

Paw Patrol first tri scooter £8 at Jacks instore

£8£13.9943%Jack's Deals
Posted 1st AugLocal
This lovely tri scooter is on offer at Jack’s. WIGIG offer.
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Nah, not legal on UK roads!! Police'll have you.
This is a decent price but the quality of these scooters is pretty poor. Ok to be used around the house
What is "lovely" about it?
Are these safe? Like yes this is barrel dirt cheap.... But if you've seen children n these the break system has to be top of the range. No scrimping on a child's life.
Besford01/08/2019 20:01

What is "lovely" about it?

It's the paw patrol pull ... Can't believe they put their name to this potential death trap and charge £65 for a paw patrol car carrier my 2 year begged for at Christmas. Honestly it's quite Sickening. Carrier broke without a couple months tho my son loves it falling to pieces still ... Sorry I'm now a little angry these companies should show some responsibility.
good price here, I paid £12 in Halfrauds lastweek!
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