Paw Patrol Lookout playset £34.99 @ Argos

Paw Patrol Lookout playset £34.99 @ Argos

Found 16th Aug 2015
down from 44.99. great deal. Appears to be in stock in most stores.
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in Argos btw
anyone comment on quality?, pp always seems to get poor quality reviews.
we have all the paw Patrol figures. good quality, and robust for our 3 year old
19 Argos reviews on the link....

19 Argos reviews on the link....

​ahhh thanks. seems my boisterous child might mean it lasts not very long!
Mine is rather 'hands on' with his paw patrol stuff and it's not that great at withstanding him, but he does love it.
my little girl likes paw patrol , if your not in the market for a big set like this i got a 'busy book ' from tk max for 4.99 it includes 12 figures and a playmat , she has played with it loads…-93 same as this one

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These are quite flimsy. The rail for the lift is thin plastic and most annoying of all it tips forwards or backwards really easily or as the base isn't really big enough for the tower.
My son still likes it as he loves PP, so if your kids are PP mad it may still be worth getting, buts its really quit a poor toy for the price.
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