Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower £69 @ Asda

Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower £69 @ Asda


Brilliant deal - thank you!!!!! Ordered :-)

Deff cheapest it has been. Would have bought if I didn't have it put away already. Heat.

scoarching deal!!!! how the he'll has this been voted cold ordered thank you

Heat from me. Cheapest I’ve seen it.

Original Poster

Cold votes are just ebayers trying to shift stock from previous "deals". It's all good, as long as a handful of genuine peeps get too see it and make the most of it. (:

Brill. Thanks. Ordered that 30 off most prices.

Yeah and stuff the eBay sellers who are over priced selling on eBay

Great deal, either been out of stock or priced at a £100. Thanks

Just managed to grab one ! Thanks

Reserved one for a Christmas present. Thanks.

These are back in stock.
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