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Posted 30 August 2022

PawHut Wooden Chicken Coop with Nesting Box & Outdoor Run £134.99 + Free Delivery with code @ Robert Dyas

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Give your chickens freedom and comfort they crave whilst also adding the safety and security they need with the PawHut Wooden Chicken Coop. Its coop, nesting box and outdoor run in one, giving your chicken room to roam, a place to roost and fresh outdoor air when they want. Start with the water-resistant roof in green asphalt composite material and work your way down to the bottom pan which slide out easily to remove for cleaning.

Security features include lockable sliding metal bolt doors and a premium galvanized wire run to protect animals from predators. Do more than just house your animals, provide them with the resource and opportunities that they need to get comfortable. Included with hinged nesting roof make it easy to extract your chickens eggs while the open sliding access door work as a ramp for easy entry and leave.

Features and Benefits
  • Perfect Outdoor Addition - This rustic cottage design chicken pen kit with a safe waterproof paint is perfect for chickens, ducks and any other small poultry in your backyard.
  • Good Living Space - A raised main house with a wire-fenced outdoor run , gives your chickens lots of room to rest and be active while preventing them from escaping. A chicken nesting box is included and can be easily opened to extract eggs.
  • Convenient Access - With multiple doors for easy access and cleaning, as well as a ramp allows your chickens to enter the raised housing area easily. The slide-out-middle tray is easy to pull out for convenient and quick cleaning.
  • Wooden Construction and Weatherproof - This backyard chicken coop is crafted from solid fir wood and steel wire for superior strength and durability. The roof is covered with asphalt for enhanced weather protection.
  • Colour: Natural
  • Material: Fir & Steel Wire
  • Comfortable
  • Spacious
  • Overall Dimension: 196L x 76W x 97H cm
  • Living House Dimension: 64L x 64W x 97H cm
  • Run Box Dimension: 96.5L x 63.5W x 58H cm
  • Nest Box Dimension: 60.5L x 36.5W x 36.5H cm
  • Living House Door Size: 25.4W x 41.8H cm
Robert Dyas More details at Robert Dyas

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  1. Avatar
    Are these going 'cheep'?
  2. Avatar
    These are really not fit for purpose - it’s inhumane keeping them in a cage like that.We have over 40 chickens, 9 live in this set up. 48130021-SAr6j.jpg
    Plenty of space. Not cooped up..
  3. Avatar
    I wonder if I could get some of those battery operated chickens to live in this in retirement? Anyone done this can advise?
    I’ve heard battery operated are the best!

    You could perhaps get some here, although this set up is quite small: bhwt.org.uk/hen…on/
  4. Avatar
    Doesn't look half bad for a rabbit tbh.
    We have a very similar one for our rabbit, the house is raised more but other than that's it's the same and it's way better than normal hutches. Also easy to add a run on to it which we did
  5. Avatar
    Our Local foxes would easily get into this. They have run out of baby seagulls. It's mental some of the coops they have gotten into. Solid dug in ones.
    They haven’t got into our omlet eglus in last 15 years.

    For our largest wheeled one they’d have to get through a 6.5ft wooden and wire fence which is tent pegged down at the base, omlet eglu hard wire fence with it’s outer metal flange, which is also tent pegged down, then the abs plastic house

    No chance

    The fox would need to come with mining and drilling equipment

    Oh and the omlet eglu has paving slabs around it right up against the flange. Would be the worlds strongest fox (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Can they go to the Chicken Coop for a pint of milk and a bottle of wine when the big shops are closed.
  7. Avatar
    Factor in the winter heating bills into the online eggs Vs running cost calculators. They will literally have to be geese laying golden ones.....
  8. Avatar
    Perfect for Dazza at 42. Geezer promised to water thy plants whilst I went 18-30 in ibiza. Plants ded. Went mad and he deklined scrap. Heet
    Were you educated at Oxford or Cambridge?
  9. Avatar
    Wow, that's far too fancy for chickens
  10. Avatar
    Would this be Wolf proof...?
  11. Avatar
    Can I charge it to my expense account?
  12. Avatar
    These wooden coops are really good for keeping red mites. And, occasionally, chickens.
  13. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    As someone who stays in the city it’s so much easier to just walk into ALDI and buy a 6 pack of eggs . Why anyone want s to keep chickens in a back garden I fail to see what the attraction is £135 for the coop, more to buy the chickens, clean and feed them and hopefully they won’t get attacked by a fox . Plus the smell and the infestation of mice and rats
    I suppose some people want to give a good home to (former) battery operated hens. Better for the environment etc. Hens are even good for mental health. Each to his / her / their own.