Pay as you go Silver Samsung G600 Clearance Mobile Phone £149

Pay as you go Silver Samsung G600 Clearance Mobile Phone £149

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Found 18th Jan 2008

The Samsung G600 is a quad band 3G handset featuring a stunning 5 megapixel camera. The G600 comes with software that allows you to retouch, resize and crop your photos on the phone itself. The phone also offers great media options, with MP3 playback and an FM radio. The memory can be expanded via microSD. The G600 has 12.5 days standby and 3.5 hours talk time.

Includes £10 airtime


same price on dialaphone…0LB

but includes £10 airtime (on Vodafone)

As it says clearance, does that mean it will work with 3 sim? :thinking:

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It might do, i dont think o2 phones are locked, and as its a 3G handset it should work


Clearence are usually refurbished handsets, original software and a sim thrown in. That's how it was three years ago when I worked in CPW!

It might be different now though. :thinking:

or u can pay £165 (or even as low as £145 if you've bought there before) and get a brand new phone and minutes on a 12 month contract from dial-a-phone.

voted cold

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Not everyone wants a contract

you dont need to use it, u just use the new phone and cancel the contract. costs less.

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cancel the contract?

I always thought if you cancel the contract early you have to give the phone back?

no, you still pay the full price of the year (£145) and it's yours to keep.

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ahh thought so.

firstly if you get a 12 mth contract and cancel just for the phone it will cost you 35 quid a month !! dialphone deals are redemption deal (ie) half price line retal which takes it down to 145 over a year , but you must send in a bill every 3 mths ish , this you cant do if you cancel ,so thats 35 quid a month for nowt :oops:, Two, ive just got 1 from dialaphone and there ****!! 5mp knackers !! had a sony k800i b4 3.2mp loads better quality pictures BEWARE:thumbsup:

personally i'd rather goto the effort of posting a bill once every few months if it meant i got a new phone as opposed to a reconditioned one, not to mention the free minutes and texts that come with it, all for a lower price.

Of course, if you've got money to burn then go ahead and pay more for the dodgy reconditioned phone with 0 minutes and 0 texts.

I've been using dialaphone since 2004 and never had any problems. Would highly recommend them.


really good bit of kit this phone!
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