Pay Day Sale @ Gameplay
Pay Day Sale @ Gameplay

Pay Day Sale @ Gameplay

Starts tomorrow morning at 9am....


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Here's an image:


And a few PC bargains seem to be:

Vietcong 2 - £2.99 (usually £9.99 at play.com)
Guild Wars - Special Edition - £9.99 (usually £17.99 at play.com)
Medal of Honor Allied Assault War Chest - £9.99 (usually £13.49 at CreativeConsoles.)

A good price for medal of Honour to be fair. Might go for that one

is that all the sales on offer or is there more? anyway i might just go for that guild wars one, im glad now i didnt buy the non special edition one today at hmv for the same price

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There are more and what's shown here is just a small sample.

Check back in the morning and you'll see what I mean.

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Sale now on!

I Got Ghost Recon
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