Pay It Forward DVD - £2.99 delivered at Play.com
Pay It Forward DVD - £2.99 delivered at Play.com

Pay It Forward DVD - £2.99 delivered at Play.com

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Is it possible for one idea to change the world?

Just imagine. You do a favor that really helps someone and tell him or her not to pay it back, but to pay it forward to three other people who, in turn each pay it forward to three more - and on and on into a global outpouring of kindness and decency. Impossible? Junior high student Trevor McKinney won't accept that.

Haley Joel Osment plays Trevor, who starts a chain reaction of goodness for his social studies project in this bittersweet and uplifting tale directed by Mimi Leder (Deep Impact), based on the novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde and also starring Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. How much impact can one heartfelt idea have? Do yourself a favor and find out: see Pay It Forward.


Sounds like a nice movie, is it good for familys?


Sounds like a nice movie, is it good for familys?

Yes it is good for families...after watching this film when it first came out, it changed my outlook on life, I now pay everything forward and wish everyone else would too

Good movie but prepare to cry

very good movie.

Good movie but the book was better.

Forgotten about this movie, great price, may have to buy it! thanks


Good movie but the book was better.

I quite agree, but it's the film on offer, worth every penny, all of us loved it and we range from 46 to 11.

very underated movie i would reccomend this to anyone. even though i know how it ends i still always find it very moving.

Almost impossible not to cry at this film. So many people have never heard of it but I have told loads of people to watch it, brilliant story and film with a great cast.

I loved this forgot about it will have to watch it again now hot hot hot

£2.99 from Amazon too.

Critics seem to hate it. Movie watchers seem to love it!!

I think the ending was just a cheap way to get the point across, but other than that it's rather decent.

Excellent film. Makes you think about life. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Absolutely heartwarming film, with great acting, story etc all round. Really enjoyed it. Bargain at £3.

Good film, but hilariously bad final scene.


Good film but I never understood how Kevin Spacey was supposed to be 'hideously disfigured', as I once read? Didn't he have like a small scarring that was practically unnoticable? (I saw this on a hotel 14" TV). He just looked normal?

brill film, cryed my eyes out.

Got goose pimples just remembering it great film nice find

Fantastic film, love it.

Sobbed my heart out at this film, definitely worth a look for anyone who hasn't seen it before!

Superb film!!!!!!

One of the greatest films i have ever seen, the very first film that made me cry

Awesome film!

The description of this film makes it sound like one of those nausea inducing chain spam mails, send this on to 3 friends or you'll never get a boy/girl friend ever again.
Send this to 5 friends for world peace etc.

Lots of weepy eyed wusses in this post. (_;)

I'm one of them. Love this film
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