Payday 2 £5 @ Tesco instore

Payday 2 £5 @ Tesco instore

LocalFound 1st Jan 2014
Looks nationwide but can't confirm that, bought from tesco in Durham

- Sanchit
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    Good price really hard game though.
    How does something 'look' nationwide? You are obviously touting rubbish.
    Bargain if your store has them, but will be hit and miss though
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    How does something 'look' nationwide? You are obviously touting rubbish.

    Because it was part of the big sale and not marked down with a felt tip in the bargain bin
    8 copies in my local!
    £5 for PS3 too?
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    £5 for PS3 too?

    . Not sure, only seen it for the xbox
    release the Geesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse
    [quote=beyreal]Bargain if your store has them, but will be hit and miss though[/


    This. It's hard to say if this will be nationwide.
    Bargain even if it is a pants game.
    Always been more of a turkey man myself.
    Cex £11 cash £14 trade
    concept was nice until GTAv walked in and blew it away
    I want this. Someone buy one for me?
    I didnt see this in my local
    Not a bad game but it's an online multiplayer game. You can play offline and alone but it's a bit rubbish and almost impossible to get anywhere. It's probably worth this price and no more in my opinion.
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    I've just checked the new year's opening times for my local 24hr Tesco store and apparently its shut until 6am on 2-1-2014 so unless you waited a day or more before posting this I fail to see how this can be,its really puzzling but I will deffo pop down for a look...can't say no to a £40 game for £5,and if not then no loss cuz Morrisons have got a £3 a game sale on for Wii,360:and PS3...happy dayzzzzzzz lol
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    What's puzzling?
    Got the only copy left at the lincoln tesco.

    Why they didnt make the game split screen I will never know
    Copies will be very hard to find as tesco never restocked the stores after the game sold out first time.
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    Yeah pretty much first come first serve unfortunately. Although just 5 mins ago surprisingly I got hitman trilogy for Xbox for £5 too
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