PayDay 2 - Crimewave Edition PS4 £13.95 @ The Game Collection

PayDay 2 - Crimewave Edition PS4 £13.95 @ The Game Collection

Found 8th Apr 2016
Good deal, cheapest I've seen it. This or Rainbow Six Siege?
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R6. Good deal though.
Agreed R6 but heat anyway
Do not buy this awful game with PS2 graphics. Seriously.
As always, steer clear of these clown developers

As always, steer clear of these clown developers

Clown developers. Very good
I bought 4-pack with friends some months ago. It worked like this:

1. Wow, awesome, we can finally steal something.
2. Wow, even better, we manage to rob the jewelry store and bank quietly without raising any alarms.
3. Wow, we can do all those heists on hard, it's difficult but satisfying.
(few weeks later)
4. Oh for f*** s***, 7th attempt on Normal failed and we used to do it on hardest difficulty. It become impossible without spending money on grenades and weapons DLC.

Needles to say amazing stealthy game has turned much worse from there so we stopped playing.

R6 hasn't got any hit and run or stealth mechanics though so it's hard to compare those two
Cheers guys. Went for R6
Go for R6, its fantastic! This however is not

I cannot in good conscience recommend this steaming pile of sh#t to any user on here. The developers DO NOT support the game and you will not see any more console updates. I have been fighting for console users rights on Twitter and got banned by Overkill and their CEO Almir Listo. I kept asking why the consoles were not being updated and why the PC users kept seeing more and more micro transactions for sub standard content and they tried to dodge it at every turn.

Look on steam forums. pfffft, even the mods there turned against Overkill.

So this is why I am voting cold. I would also not recommend buying their new walking dead game when it comes out.

Payday1 suffered a Terrible fate at the hands of these sub standard devs and Payday 2 is just going the same way.
I wouldn't pay a single penny for this steaming pile of faeces
do they send signed for ? my postmans a bit of a roque
yes graphics very dated. but really enjoy the odd blast. but a must play with friends
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