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PAYDAY 2: ULTIMATE EDITION - £11.39 @ Steam Store
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PAYDAY 2: ULTIMATE EDITION - £11.39 @ Steam Store

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Posted 10th May
PayDay is one of the best game ever created, really addictive! Good graphics and interesting gameplay.

How you play the game is up to you. There are plenty of difficulties to choose from, making the game either a breeze or painstaking hard.

When it comes to weapons, there’s lots to choose from - maybe you’re a long distance sniper or someone who wants to get deep into the heat?

Whether you’re a player that likes it when it goes “boom” or someone who prefer the more quiet approach - there’s a choice for you. You can either play Loud or Stealth and adjust your loadout to fit your playstyle.

To alter the game even more you can dive into the different Perk Decks and Skill Trees. Each will provide a different experience and you’re sure to find a fit. Perks and Skills can either focus on yourself or the entire crew, so you can either boost your shotguns or maybe make sure that you can help heal your friends.

Finally, there are a ton of heists with different settings and experiences. Everything from classic bank heists or robbing a diamond store to robbery on a moving train or setting a mall on fire.
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