PAYG Nokia 6111 for £54.95

PAYG Nokia 6111 for £54.95

Found 31st Jul 2007
I have found this in Carphone warehouse website as part of the clearance sale.

This is a clearance mobile with all the features like Bluetooth, Infrared, Music Player & FM Etc.

May be someone who is having this mobile already can share the experience.

This price includes £10 airtime which you should buy along with this phone.
- Maheshwar


I had this phone on contract and hated it.

I couldnt get a decent reception on it (On Orange) and my GF had exactly the same phone and had the same problem. Changed phones and the reception picked up.

Complained to Orange who were no use in all honesty. Ended up sellin phone on Ebay and using the one from the year before!

Daughter has this mobile on Vodafone and she loves it. She makes her own ringtones using MP3 splitter, stores lots of photo's and currently has nearly 300 text messages on it (I don't know why!)

Only thing missing is expandable memory.

Looks like a good deal to me mate, going to have a look at one in my local CPW to see if I like it.
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