PAYG Nokia 6300 white £74.95 incl £10 air time
PAYG Nokia 6300 white £74.95 incl £10 air time

PAYG Nokia 6300 white £74.95 incl £10 air time

Buy forBuy forBuy for£74.95
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Nokia 6300 White with £10 air time
choice of O2 or T-Mobile

Stylish, slim stainless steel design

2 megapixel camera

7.8MB internal memory

Micro SD card support

High-resolution 16M colour display


Nokia 6300 White Clearance Specification
Dimensions - 106.4?6?7 mm

Weight - 91 g

Standby Time - Up to 348 hours

Talk Time - Up to 3 hours & 30 minutes

SAR - 0.57 W/kg

(CLEARANCE) just for sarbjeet
- rangermastiffs


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This is clearence/refurbished right?

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This is clearence/refurbished right?


By using reconditioned/clearance stock, we are able to offer you even further savings on your monthly line rental!
These items are either ex-demonstration, trial or mail order returned. For your peace of mind, each and every handset has been quality inspected by our engineers & reconditioned if necessary. Each handset also comes with a full years manufacturers warranty.

Clearance, so I expect it's returns from contract customers, I've had refurbs from CPW & Co before without problems.

you should write that on the title as it is misleading.

terrible deal considering you can get the k800i for £99 + discount.

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you should right that on the title as it is misleading.

Who put YOU in charge !!!!

There is only so much room in the title.

You still trying to sell yours for over a £100

Ah see where you are coming from:whistling:

Have to agree Refurb should be in the title... to avoid people getting too excited.

Do you get a dummy with it....

Available brand new from 02 for £79.99


You pays your money you takes your choice....

erm lemme think did i say i was in charge hmmm NO. i clicked on the deal as i thought it was a good deal clicked the link and said refurb which is Misleading AND you dont even say it in the description even more misleading. for my phone look when i had posted that thread. voted cold because of your attitude and misleading deal, Likely2 thats a much better deal £5 more and you get a brand new phone.

and also there is more than enough room in the title.

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[SIZE="7"][SIZE="6"][CENTER][/CENTER][/SIZE][COLOR="Red"]CLEARANCE !!!!![/COLOR][/SIZE] for u sarbjeet:friends:

White one looks much better


Got a clearance W810i the other day and was unlocked. Not sure if this is the norm?

I've had 2 clearence phones from e2save, & both were riddled with probs.

The first i had was a nokia 6230i, that turned itself off whenever it felt like it. Sent it back & they told me there was nothing wrong with it.
I found out they only had it switched on for 10 mins?

Then had probs with a SE W810i, would only recieve a signal on O2.
Considering i was on Orange & it was a Orange branded phone. It weren't no good to me.
Had loads of trouble getting refund as it worked on O2. Which i obviously didn't want.

No way would i go with refurbs again.

with a code from one of the listings on this site, i just bort one of these for £59.00 inc postage for a brand new phone.

[SIZE=2]Also go through Quidco. Even though it doesn't state cashback for pay as you go handset's, I still managed to track £7.50 for this handset![/SIZE]
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