Paysan make me an offer

Paysan make me an offer

Found 23rd Dec 2008
Just cam across the website make me an offer.
Just had a little go not much coming off thou.


Sure, this is ok - they'll basically match prices like Amazon....but I don't know who the hell they are so I'll spunk my cash at Amazon.

Right, I've just tried this on a samsung LE40A686 TV. Basically I just kept entering offers starting at £600 going up in £10 increments. They are automatically rejected until you reach what is obviously their pre determined minimum. When I reached £690 the offer was accepted & I was given a code to enter at checkout to get this price. As far as I know thats the cheapest (but only by a tenner!)online price for this telly, but I'm still cautious as I don't know this retailer.
Good find though;-)

Never heard of this retailer before, but hubby wanted a coffee machine for Christmas and they were cheapest around. Very speedy delivery and no problems wahtsoever, will definitely be using them again.

This is pointless website. If they are willing to sell the Samsung at £690 then mark it as such. Pratting around trying to guess the lowest price is a complete waste of time.

I have just bought 2 Le Creuset stainless steel 24cm casseroles from these guys using their make me an offer 'offer' and they are so much cheaper than anywhere else.

I got one deep casserole and one shallow one for just over £100 delivered. The deep one is £72 on Amazon but you can get them for around £65 elsewhere and they are £90 in the shops rrp.

I had to phone them because it would not take 2 discount codes and it still wanted to charge me for delivery (which is free over £100) and the guy was brilliant and I have email confirmation of the order.
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