PBK Chain Cleaner £5:78 Delivered @ ProBikeKit

PBK Chain Cleaner £5:78 Delivered @ ProBikeKit

Found 7th Sep 2010Made hot 7th Sep 2010
Ok, one for the specialist, but a cracking price!

The PBK Chain Cleaner is a simple, hand-held and easy-to-use chain cleaning kit.
Used regularly, the PBK Chain Cleaner will prolong the life of your chain and allow your bike to continue to run smoothly and safely.
Use code MEGA10 for this price.


Just what I needed


it's showing at £6.43

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it's showing at £6.43

Use code MEGA10 as stated.


My Bad....didn't read that bit.


Thanks just got one :-)


Hope my resident slave appreciates his clean chains after i buy this

Stupid question but work with motorbike chains ?

i would very much doubt it



Stupid question but work with motorbike chains ?

shouldn't have thought so, as you need a bit of chain slack that you get by moving the rear Derailleur on a push bike

Thanks - ordered!

nice one cheers

Been shopping around for one of these all week. Halfords and bike shops £17+ glad I held off

Good price, can anyone suggest best & cheapest fluid to use in it

I used a sponge on mine, just squeezed it togather and did the job sound... is there any reason this would be bettter?

Nice, paid about 3x that getting a Park one not long ago

good product if your in a rush (2-5mins), but to save money i just use a tooth brush and some diesel which takes double the time but does the trick. BUT I make sure use quality lube to finish.


Good price, can anyone suggest best & cheapest fluid to use in it

muc-off is pretty decent and id priced around £5. I usually stock up when they have offers such as 3 for 2 offers in halfords. But if you want really cheap then lidl have some priced at £1 but I cant really comment on them...but they do say chain lube on the tin..previously when i used cheap stuff in the winter, rust developed on then within days so I stopped using them.

I have used the aerosol chain cleaner from Lidl in the past, its fantastic but very messy which is why ive got one of these

These things are a waste of time. You'll spend more time cleaning the machine than the chain itself. Simply backpedalling the cranks while holding a toothbrush soaked in citrus degreaser on the chain will have more effect, be less messy and cost less.Muc-off is great for cleaning off mud, but won't touch a greasy chain.

Better still, get your drivetrain degreased as above and then switch to Squirt Lube (Google it) to avoid any of this palava in the first place

Looks like it's not available anymore

Sold out



Good price, can anyone suggest best & cheapest fluid to use in it

white spirit works great.

Yea bit of turps all you need, these chain cleaning products are absolutely essential I find, a sponge or a brush just doesn't come close to doing enough.

Gutted i missed this one, PBK's clearance section is an absolute joke usually, how can anyone call 10% clearance, the best clearance is Parkerinternational and chainreaction, they often hit out 70 80 90% reductions its great

Next cheapest I could find was this one for £7.95 with free shipping:


I take the chain off and put it in a 2Ltr coke bottle with some degreaser, leave it for a while and give it a shake, then fish it out with a bit of wire and hang it to dry, then re-lube

I do it about every three months. Its a LOT easier than cleaning the chain on the bike.

out of stock now

That ones a pretty bad version spratty, falls to pieces very quickly, i'd stay away from barbieri products if u can afford to, they are very much poorly made cheap versions of good tools =[

Lorian i clean my chain 2 or 3 times a week, so this tool is a life saver!

Mine arrived today, seems ok on face of it but will wait and see

Mine arrived yesterday. Had a quick look and it seemed a very solid piece of kit. Will give it a whirl this weekend hopefully - chain on the fixie really needs a degreasing!
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