PC :- Alien: Isolation Collection Inc Main Game + DLC £8.04 Reduced from £26.95( Fanatical ** Steam Key ** )

PC :- Alien: Isolation Collection Inc Main Game + DLC £8.04 Reduced from £26.95( Fanatical ** Steam Key ** )

Found 5th Mar 2018
About this game

Please note: This collection delivers as a single Steam key
The first ever game to capture the essence of dread from Ridley Scott's renowned horror/science-fiction film, Alien: Isolation is a first-person horror from SEGA and Creative Assembly which promises a gripping experience like no other.

Become Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley, and find out what became of her mother fifteen years prior. Stealth your way through a world filled with terror and mystery as you’re hunted down by the ghastly Alien.

Players will go up against an AI which adapts to your methods of evasion in order to kill you in several brutal ways. Take shelter in various locations including ventilation shafts, lockers and in dark corners to stand the slightest chance of escaping this space-age threat.

As well as escaping from Xenomorphs and ‘facehuggers’ trying to lay eggs down your throat, AI androids called Working Joes provide an eerie foe throughout the game. Simply hiding from these creepy, expressionless robots has little effect if you’re within range – as the androids will pursue you, kicking and swiping as you quiver under a table. Be warned, Working Joes and the loose alien are not at war, so don’t expect to use them as a helpful distraction. Not only do players get to experience a game which has been described by critics as a ‘terrifying’, the Alien: Isolation Collection Steam key also includes the Season Pass, with seven nerve-wracking DLCs to test even the bravest of space explorers or survivors.


  • Alien: Isolation Corporate Lockdown DLC: Choose from playable characters B. Ransome, Ellen Ripley, Axel Fielding or Hughes and attempt to escape from the Sevastopol Station in this single player expansion. This DLC includes three maps; Severance, Scorched Earth and Loose Ends. Corporate Lockdown also includes Gauntlet Mode, where players are prompted to complete all three missions back-to-back without dying.
  • Alien: Isolation Trauma DLC: Set during the events of Corporate Lockdown, Trauma sees players take control of chief medical officer K. Lingard, collecting medical supplies for her camp as well as destroying any of her existing research on the Xenomorph alien to prevent it falling into the wrong hands. The DLC features the Reoperation, Crawl Space and Overrun maps – and players can also opt to play as Amanda Ripley, Dallas, Ellen Ripley or Ricardo – instead of Lingard.
  • Alien: Isolation - Safe Haven DLC: In Safe Haven, players control Hughes in what was the first DLC which introduced the Salvage Mode. After finding the only safe room in the Sevastopol Station, you’ll be tasked with venturing out of your comfort zone in order to gain supplies – dodging certain encounters with not-so-friendly Xenomorphs.
  • Alien: Isolation - Lost Contact DLC: Guide Axel Fielding on a mission through challenging tasks during his fight to survive. Play through the second all-new Salvage Mode map, featuring Lorenz Private Wards and the Emergency Power Plant.
  • Alien: Isolation - The Trigger DLC: Play as deputy Ricardo, member of the Colonial Marshal Bureau, as he is sent by marshal Waits on a dangerous quest to place explosives in the Sevastopol Station to, hopefully, kill the Xenomorph Drone slaughtering the station's remaining population. Journey through the Damage Control, The Package and Blast Seat maps as Ricardo, K. Lingard, Amanda Ripley, Dallas or Dennis Parker.
  • Last Survivor DLC: Playing as Ellen Ripley - the sole survivor - it is down to you to complete the last mission on board the Nostromo. Players must set the ship into self-destruct mode and attempt to reach the escape shuttle before it's too late.
  • Crew Expendable DLC: Play as Dallas, Parker or Ellen Ripley and find a way to isolate the Alien - overcoming the terror that confronts them.
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Essential gaming. Took literally hours to creep across the hospital level with heart in mouth the entire time.
cmpaterson6 m ago

Essential gaming. Took literally hours to creep across the hospital level …Essential gaming. Took literally hours to creep across the hospital level with heart in mouth the entire time.

I have to agree , a quality game
this game made me sh*t my pants.
First class game. Better than nearly all the movies Thoroughly, utterly, highly recommended!
Looking for a new game, gonna buy thanks OP have some heat!
this game is LIT!! the amount of deatail they put in this will blow you away if you're a fan of the franchise and/or horror survival games. the included dlc's even use the actual actors' voices from the first movie!

this deal is to be saluted
I've still gotta try this with my rift.
MR.G.MAN23 h, 16 m ago

this game made me sh*t my pants.

That's enough to make me wanna buy and sh*t my own pants.
Really fancy playing this but don’t have the patience to avoid soiling myself.
There's a VR patch in early stages if you are feeling brave: github.com/Nib…es/
Bought. Need an offer for cheap underwear now
I think it has expired
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