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PC Building Simulator Steam Key GLOBAL - £7.01 with code seller 'GamesStars' @ Eneba
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PC Building Simulator Steam Key GLOBAL - £7.01 with code seller 'GamesStars' @ Eneba

Posted 6th Jun

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What is PC Building Simulator?
Presented by the independent Romanian developer Claudiu Kiss and publisher The Irregular Corporation is the critically acclaimed PC Building Simulator game. The title launched in 2019 but it was already well-received during the early access in 2018. This piece is exactly what the title describes – a simulation of building and maintaining a variety of PC rigs, mostly the ones oriented at gaming. Everything is authentic to the actual practices: from PC building, maintenance, diagnosing to a variety of licensed real-life PC components featured in the game.

Career mode
The title explores its simple but nevertheless intriguing premise through the introduction of three main game modes. In the first PC Building Simulator game mode, you’ll get a chance to run a computer repair business. The career mode has you receiving various orders from your clients, ranging from problem troubleshooting and fixing to custom PC builds that must not exceed a given budget while meeting specified requirements at the same time.

Free Build mode
The business mode has you fixing, diagnosing and building PCs by micromanaging your finances, choosing different component delivery speeds and looking up for PC parts online. However, these limitations do not apply to the PC Building Simulator game mode called Free Build. This is the ultimate PC building sandbox which gives you the freedom to experiment with a wide selection of different PC components and creatively realize custom PC rigs of your dreams.

Tutorial mode
Not everyone is familiar with the intricacies of computer building and maintenance. Developers at Claudiu Kiss are fully aware of this, that’s why the title includes an elaborate and very informative Tutorial mode. Everything here is explained with careful attention to detail and proper ordering in mind. Because of this, the Tutorial mode of PC Building Simulator game can also serve as a newcomer-friendly education tool applied both by those who want to teach and the ones who seek to learn.
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