[PC] Deadlight: Director's Cut - FREE - Gog.com

[PC] Deadlight: Director's Cut - FREE - Gog.com

Found 14th Aug 2017
A zombie outbreak eradicated all hope of returning life back to normal, now only survival lives on. Run, hide and fight your way through the undead as Randall searches for his family in this gorgeous, gritty, destroyed world.

  • Solve environmental puzzles and overcome hazards in tense platforming while trying to stay out of the shadow’s grasp
  • Combat isn’t always the answer. To truly survive you must use your environment to sneak past, trick and lure enemies into traps. Assess every situation to increase your odds of survival
  • Uncover the fate of Randall Wayne’s family in his search across an apocalyptic Seattle in the year 1986
  • Enhanced controls and new character animations make Randall more agile and easier to control than ever!
  • Endure Randall’s toughest challenge yet in the new ‘Survival Arena’ mode!
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Got this in the recent Saints Row Humble Bundle but haven't got around to playing it. Prefer a Steam copy but a free DRM-free copy is always welcome.
Nice one Thanks...Hot
Nice one. Thanks
many thanks.
Thanks for the heads up
decent little game. Played it a while back. Still to finish it though. Might go back to it now I've seen this. Heat.
Cheers Buzz.
Very nice game, a little short but well worth nabbing.
Does anyone know if Savegames from the normal edition work on the Director's Cut?
Thanks Buzz, been a while since I've grabbed a decent free game
Worth a pun ttt. Crap app won't let me use the backspace button!!! Arghh!
Thanks a lot!
trojan detected
haha 999% heat
Edited by: "Discente" 15th Aug 2017
Fantastic game
alltaken12315th Aug 2017

Love a freebie, however, Kapersky is alerting me to the download, so I …Love a freebie, however, Kapersky is alerting me to the download, so I pause protection. I then install and resume protection, but then Kapersky detects the Trojan.Win32.Reconyc.hvxj....Is this a false trigger or perhaps GOG have an infected installer for download?

Did you just download or use gog galaxy
alltaken12315th Aug 2017


Reconyc seems nasty. I've run my av over the downloads but it doesn't find anything, but probably it wouldn't.
It's listed as £8.99 now
Not a bad little game, finding the section with the helicopter infuriating!
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