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Posted 25 December 2022

[PC] Death Stranding - Free @ Epic Games

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Great freebie - as always, promo will run for 24 hours and will end on 26th December (4pm).
Once claimed, the game is yours to keep forever.

Metascore - 86
Steam Reviews -
Very Positive

Note: EGS have amended the original giveaway to the standard version (it was obvious someone on their end accidently applied the offer to the director's cut version). Luckily, Epic Games quickly resolved this issue and the moderators have requested that I repost this brilliant promotion to benefit the community.

From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all-new, genre-defying experience. Stay connected with the "Social Strand System”.

Sam Bridges must brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding. Carrying the disconnected remnants of our future in his hands, he embarks on a journey to reconnect the shattered world one step at a time.

Starring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner.

Additional PC features include HIGH FRAME RATE, PHOTO MODE and ULTRA-WIDE MONITOR SUPPORT. Also includes cross-over content from Valve Corporation’s HALF-LIFE series.

All copies of the game will also additionally include:

• “Selections From ‘The Art of DEATH STRANDING’” Digital Book (by Titan Books)


Epic Games More details at Epic Games

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For anybody that has claimed the standard edition this is what the extra content in your library is >


"it's a folder for the artbook (pdf file with largely pre-production art) and the soundtrack (39 mp3 files, 320 kbps), which are the 2 Add-ons"
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    Just to clarify the situation and drawing a line under this now.
    @merb0786 was the first member to post this deal with evidence; which is what we require with all deals. There was a post yesterday, but this was without any evidence. Therefore this deal was moved to Discussions. You can read more about unconfirmed deals here hotukdeals.com/dis…488
    The deal that went live at 4pm was the Directors Cut, as posted by merb0786.
    However, sometime later, Epic Games decided to change it to the Standard Edition.
    As the deal had changed we expired the original post (as Directors Cut was no longer available) and asked merb0786 if he could post again as it was now the Standard Edition.
    If anyone has any issues concerning this or are confused by the explanation given by me here, or in the link above, please can you refrain from discussing it within this thread (comments will be removed) and instead drop us a message via the Contact Link (as the foot of the page).
    Thank you
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    I think the base version runs on Deck better than the DC if that's any consolation for fellow users
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    Gonna sound really stupid but how do i run it on the deck plz cheers in advance 
  3. reckoning's avatar
    What's actually the difference?
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    Just seen on Reddit that 'The DC version has more story, more tools, equipment, a firing range, a racetrack, extra missions, etc.'
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    Folks - do not sleep on tomorrow's free game - F.I.S.T - Forged in Shadow Torch. It's an excellent metroidvania that got criminally overlooked last year. (edited)
  5. CazzleRazzle's avatar
    Anyone else had issues with their epic account??? Mine was hacked literally the next day
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    no but you should use Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) if you havent already
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    I'm so glad this is the original version and not the Director's Cut. Heard the DC version includes all these new forms of transportation and whatnot that defeat a lot of the appeal of the game's base traversal mechanics to begin with. Awesome.
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    Nice to see a post like this.
    Hard starting a game and not knowing what's best version to use.
    Some special editions give you overpowered stuff or make the start to easy.
    Yet you also fear missing out ok something important.
    I guess I will just be happy and at some point install and play this game

    Hope it's got enough fun for a casual solo player 🤞
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    So apparently none of the games I've been adding to the library have actually gone through. No email receipt and if I go to the game page it asks me to buy them 🥲 what a joke
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    Think it's the store, saying I don't own games I've claimed, but show it went through in the purchase history tab

  8. Ninhau's avatar
    Community feeling entitled, are we?
    It's free
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    You go to a mates house and he brings out a nice sirloin steak with triple cooked fries and massive onion rings. You're just about to tuck in and he suddenly whip it away and replaces it with a standard burger with a jacket potato with no butter. I mean, thanks, I like a burger but...I kinda want that steak still?
  9. ptrichardson's avatar
    Thanks for posting this.
    Imagine complaining about which specific version of a game you're being given for free. Come on people, be better.
  10. vornstar13's avatar
    Came to see if people are still banging on about the directors cut.

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    Came to see if people are still banging on about the people banging on about the directors cut.

  11. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Everyone screaming at Epic...

    Have you considered it was the game producers/publishers that may have made them pull the DC edition?
    Epic were probably supposed to offer the Standard edition to begin with, but instead offered the DC edition by accident.
    Game producers/publishers saw the mistake, threw a fit at Epic, so Epic had to switch it?

    Either way we get a free game, one most of us won't even play... (edited)
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  12. hukdjps's avatar
    Holding out for Directors Cut
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    You can download this and IF they switch back to Directors Cut again, you can then download that too.
    I tested as I got the DC at 4.03pm and this one just as Merb posted
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    I uninstalled the normal version to get this and now they retracted it lol. I have the normal version….. waste of time and now I have to re-download the game I already have.

    Just gonna uninstall Epic, I’m done with their shoddy store.
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    Don't think you can blame Epic... The page for the DC version states:

    If you already own DEATH STRANDING then you can upgrade your version of the game to DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR'S CUT

    We recommend you do not remove DEATH STRANDING from your PC until you have completed the download of DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT and you have transferred your save files to DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT.
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    All I heard about this game is that its a simulator of walking.
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    You heard wrong
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    Do you lose the the game if you don't download and install it immediately?
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    No, as long as you got the thank you for your order or email receipt then its added to your epic game library to download when you are ready.
  16. xbox-360-elite's avatar
    How long was the DC actually available for, anyone know?
    Curious on whether I need to kick myself for not redeeming it earlier
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    Not long, 15mins or so as the servers broke. Doesn't matter, reports of it being revoked from people who claimed the DC anyway.
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    4th hottest deal of all time rn
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    And the original poster did not even get the credit
  18. jaju123's avatar
    Hasn't been working to get any of them for me lol
    andywedge's avatar
    Keep trying. Took me a few attempts before it finally accepted my order.
  19. Longbrownoseface's avatar
    I'm managed to 'Get' it!

    Refresh the page until you see the 'Get' button and then quickly stop the page from loading by clicking the X button in your browser. Then simply click the Get button and bob is your uncle and fanny is Longbrownoseface.

    In the Epic launch I have two entries. main gamen, and "2 add-ons" so I guess this might be the deluxe version addons?

    What's the different between base and deluxe version?

    Also what's the connect between Cyberpunk 2077 and this as I see Cyberpunk 2077 in the trailer?
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    Exact same here. Just got it and it shows 2 add-ons.
  20. Avenger1324's avatar
    Have Epic got the DLC back to front?

    The base game version doesn't show there being any DLC - no option to buy the upgrade.

    The Director's Cut version does show DLC - the Director's Cut upgrade - which owners of the Director's Cut wouldn't need since it was part of the purchase.

    The page for the base game needs to show the DLC, otherwise there is nothing there to show it exists or is an option.
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    I was in the middle of my Xmas meal when the mistake happened so had no chance to nab the director's cut, but I'm happy with getting the standard edition anyway. Not happy with Epic's attitude towards Linux though, so it's Epic freebies all the way (Heroic Games Launcher anyone? Works on Windows and Linux!) and my money goes on Steam keys instead.

    Talking of Steam keys, CDKeys is offering Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Heroes for 49p at the moment - it's another Hideo Kojima production.
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    Q - If I was to create an Epic account can I add this to the ‘library’ to download and play at a later date? Or does it have to be downloaded immediately? Not had a PC in years and want to build one again in the future
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    Yes, when claiming them, the games are added to your Epic Games library for download whenever. (edited)
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    anyone know what the 3 content 'add on's' are? I've got two installs, the game plus the add on stuff
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    That one contains the mini-artbook, the soundtrack and some wallpapers. It seems like I was slow too yesterday and got the base game + the extra content and not the DC version...oh well
  24. davidbrent's avatar
    Dont want to be ungrateful but making a better version of a game available then immediately downgrading it on Christmas Day is a little bit Scrooge like.
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    You are being ungrateful.
  25. prynolfc's avatar
    What a joke epic are, switching it from the directors cut to base version like that (edited)
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    Yeah, what a joke this company is that gives us multiple free games a month including AAA releases regularly .....
    Get some perspective, it was a single mistake.
  26. ST3123's avatar
    Wouldn't on principle. They were originally giving the directors cut away for free. I know free is free but still scummy move by Epic to downgrade the freebie, everyone should get base game or DC not fair that early comers (few that could actually access the site as it was very buggy) get the best version while everyone else gets the bog standard one...
  27. screencut's avatar
    Christ, the amount of entitled people on here... I'd understand if it was for something you've paid for, but it was free And I bet the majority of the people that are moaning would have just claimed the game and never installed it anyway.
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    here here!
  28. 777jrg_'s avatar
    Voted cold.
    Ouenben's avatar
    Why, can you find it cheaper elsewhere?
  29. tywyn's avatar
    Epic = The Grinch. It's not about the money, it's about giving something then retracting to give something lesser, especially on Christmas Day. Epic haven't enhanced their reputation they have made it 10x worse. The only fixes for the damage done is to reintroduce the DC, or give the upgrade for free. Anything else is a joke. (edited)
    54M13's avatar
    They didn't need to give it for free in the first place.
  30. davidbrent's avatar
    Just seen this on Reddit 49143469-5NFhS.jpg
  31. sagman76's avatar
    Damn. I missed out on a director cut of a free game that I've claimed and will never play.
    hamsterboy's avatar
    Yep. #1stWorldProblems
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    This was posted yesterday. However, it was posted without solid evidence and moved to Discussions. This is what we do will all deals that are not confirmed.
    You can read more about Unconfirmed Deals here hotukdeals.com/dis…488
  33. garybb's avatar
    One of the best games ever made in the past 20ish years
  34. black_dynomyte's avatar
    Added base game to library. Gone to the high seas for the Directors cut. Cheeky but meh, I want what was advertised
    Sherbat's avatar
    Don't look for a reason to steal from other people's work, it's Epic who's at fault here. Kojima is a genius, respect the man (and buy on Steam if you do).

    (Also playing offline will suck considering you don't have access to the chiral network of other players).
  35. MisterLSloth's avatar
    Hardly scammed…it’s a free game guys, be grateful
    Smm0's avatar
    They advertised it to me as the more expensive edition for free.. pretended i could get it, made me sit for ages while people here told me to wait a few hours.. only to turn round and give a lesser version.

  36. obvious's avatar
    Never had an email earlier just after 4pm but looks like I got the directors cut. The right thing to do would be for them to level everyone up rather than messing about.49142425-MSyFV.jpg
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    You can also get the basic one on top of that
  37. yourdadforever's avatar
    Sadly I am not surprised that so many people are ready to defend these faceless corporations - like agents of the Matrix, willing to defend it with their lives. Tools.
    Smm0's avatar
    Ive had numerous amounts of them attack me in this comments section
  38. ohdearohdear's avatar
    Why are people complaining about a free Walking Simulator?
    Frankie77's avatar
    They think it's a game. Poor souls.
  39. che100's avatar
    Seems like many peeps xmas was ruined over this freebie
  40. Sherbat's avatar
    So the deal posted yesterday was right after all, standard not DC. Nice way to double dip though.
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    It was the Directors Cut at 4pm, they changed it after.
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