(PC) Enemy Territory:Quake Wars-17.99 @ Play.com

(PC) Enemy Territory:Quake Wars-17.99 @ Play.com

Found 10th Sep 2007
Cheapest price I've seen this, apart from the tesco misprice when they cancelled our orders.


Around this price at a few stores, notably ]The Hut, for £17.03 delivered using code price5dash...

emm what do you mean tesco canceled our orders? iv had no cancel email or anythn just the delivery date changed and thats been over a month

I wasn't impressed by the beta so I never preordered it but the demo is out today so worth a look before making a final decision...


PS. As for the Tesco error, I believe they emailed/called everyone that they had mispriced it. The email/phone call gave the option of cancellation or paying the updated price so you might want to check your order status for the price.
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