PC Game: World In Conflict Complete Edition £3.99 @ HMV (+ quidco)

PC Game: World In Conflict Complete Edition £3.99 @ HMV (+ quidco)

Found 8th Jul 2010
World War III still rages but this time, you are the leader of the Soviet-led army who has launched a surprise attack on the US mainland. Including the original World In Conflict and Soviet Assault mission pack, the Complete Edition gives you command of soviet troops in fast-paced battles fought on a fully destructible battle-field. Strategy meets intense action in this epic clash of Super Powers!

Game Features

Includes the Soviet Assault expansion pack and the World In Conflict original game.

An entirely new campaign, with new characters, new levels and new super weapons that bring unprecedented powers of destruction to the player

Six new missions that revolve around the same events as in the original game, but seen through the Soviet perspective

The award-winning story continues, as four new characters are introduced, bringing further depth and intrigue to the experience

The battle continues on new maps in visually stunning locations

Stunning graphics and revolutionary technology


Good game, unfortunately it's more of a multiplayer (online or LAN) than a single player one.
The single player side is fairly short and almost there to solely introduce you to how to play the multiplayer aspect. The problem, when I last played, was that there weren't many people still playing this online so you're likely to miss out on the most involved part of the game but for £3.99 it's worth the single player only bit.
It's a good game, sort of a cross between an RTS and a FPS. DX10 offers two monitor support IIRC so you can see the real-time map on the other.

Good price, purchased. Heat added.
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