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A large quantity of Comets PC games have been reduced to 99p, theres far too many to list here.

Games are available on their website and in the shops at this price.

My local store is selling out VERY fast! There was alot of spaces in the PC games section - you may need to ask someone to check the prices for you as they might not have been updated.

I'd imagine any recent games will not be included but I've noticed they also do a '3 games for £20' offer as well - which includes games over £20!


Most of the games are not listed online - theres only a few on there, my local store had between 20 and 30 different games to choose from at this price. Theres hardly any listed on the website.

I also checked with the staff and the prices are not just local prices but should be nationwide
- Jaysunuk


Good find thanks

I love this - comet.co.uk/com…213


99p or three for £20? I'll have three for £2.97 please, or 20 for £19.80.

can we get a list of some of the better games? or can sombody confrim this isnt just one local store?

Nice one, thanks :santa:

its national if you go to the deal you can see a few of the geames then go to click and collect , and the games our at my local store milton keynes , so looks like national

great find thanks

Doom 3 for 99p ain't bad (although it's been at this price before) and Thief 1 & 2 for £2 or £3 is good too (although bizarrely they have Thief 1 on sale separately at £6 or £7!), apart from those though it's a bit pants...

Voted hot cheap games always good

good find but a waste of time, this is like the argos search, so you choose your item then enter your post code to find its not avalible in your area so you spend hours going backwards and forwards entering in you postcode in the off chance you might one in your area, will vote hot for the find but how hard is it for these website to chance the search so you just put in your postcode and then it will tell you what's in stock local to you, sorry but i thought that was what we had computers for ! to save time doing things like this ! sorry guys for the rant but i live in london and never seem to find any of these kinds of things in stock and i use a london,kent and cornwall postcodes

but like the op said to many to list , the best thing is to go in the store where there will prob be a lot more instore than online

Sorry i didn't make myself clear, what i mean ( in this case ) is that you choose say 10 games out of the list, add them to your basket then go to the check out enter your post code then it should tell you if any of the 10 you selected are in stock in your area instead of going backwards and forwards each time, they don't let you add these to a basket just the option to collect from store ! so you end up going back and forth,do you see what i mean ? ( just my pennys worth lol !)


I love this - … I love this - http://www.comet.co.uk/cometbrowse/product.do?sku=295213#"PC BRITANNICA - EXCELLING AT READIN"

Classic :thumbsup:

Ordered Thief 1 + 2 but I thought it would be reserved for more than a day. It will be a struggle to pick it up now :\

just ordered sum xbox games for store pick up. thanks, voted hot

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This is offer is mostly an instore one - come on folks leave your houses and go take a look!

The online list DOES NOT list all available games, plus its so much easier to go and look in your local shop.

I got some Educational software for the kids (99p) and Hitman and Xbox360 for 99p as well


I love this - … I love this - ]http://www.comet.co.uk/cometbrowse/product.do?sku=295213#"PC BRITANNICA - EXCELLING AT READIN"

Faaantastic. Voted hot for this alone.

Just been down to the EXETER branch - picked up (last copy) of thief 1+2 for £2.99, and dungeon keeper 2 for 99p - Only other 99p games are sims expansions, and a couple of other budget titles on the "sold out" label and 1 xbox game "XIII" for 99p.

Had to reserve From Russia with love at the Ipswich store and Smackdown from the Colchester branch, as they did not have any in Ipswich
Oh well, not to worry, am going to colchester on Thursday any how
Thanks to the OP,


erm not so sure this is such a gd deal , well in milton keynes anyway , i reserved to collect in store , when i arrive to collect my items the lady goes off to get them , erm what a surprise she comes back empty handed !!! sorry madam she said we dont have these ones you have reserved but we do have many other games starting from ,,,, wait for it £7.99, so im sorry to say this is voted cold by me ,

i hope the people who have reserved to collect have a better shop than milton keynes as you will find yourself with a wasted journey

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sorry madam she said we dont have these ones you have reserved but we do … sorry madam she said we dont have these ones you have reserved but we do have many other games starting from ,,,, wait for it £7.99,

i'd imagine the games you ordered were on the shopfloor display and were sold before you arrived... my local store are awful at updating the prices on games in store so even if they are quoting you a price... its probably off the incorrect ticket :roll:

Nothing in the Chelmsford store:?

This isn't such a great deal. Currys / PC World always have games at 97p like these - always. They probably won't be out, but ask for a list, I guarantee you will find original Xbox, PC and PS2 games at 97p.

Indeed, and a lot of the time they will still be marked up at the full price.

I remember when the movies game on pc was 99p despite the £19.99 label.

Basically its very hit and miss at these stores.

"Sorry - Collect from store is currently unavailable"

:x Was going to get 3 PS2 games.
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