PC Games (STALKER, Company Of Heroes, etc) - 97p instore @ PC World

PC Games (STALKER, Company Of Heroes, etc) - 97p instore @ PC World

Found 1st Mar 2010
PC World had several PC games down to 97p in the Lancaster store today.

Games I can remember include:

STALKER: Shadow Of Chernobyl
CSI: Dark Motives
Company Of Heroes
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Juiced 2
...and many more

There were also games for £2.97, such as Unreal Tournament III and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.


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Stalker: SoC for 97p? Hot.

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Bet they were manager's specials and hence store specific.

If anyone finds similar nationally then please post because some good cheap buys there.

Install stalker mods for really good graphics.

Seems CoH and CSI:DM (plus a few others) are available on the PCW website for home delivery!

TBH CoH is the only decent title, and it's definitely recommend if you've not got it yet.

These were in the telford store also on friday

been available for a while now

I got Tomb Raider Underworld for £2.97, I completed it on easy and was lovely in 1080p well worth it, the camera can be frustrating at time though.

This has already been posted ]here (and if you look at my post on that page, you'll see that I managed to do quite a bit better than 97p per game ;).

Yep, i bought these when this deal was posted before.
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