PC Line DX-5 Manual Strip Cut Shredder **WAS £3.97 Now 47p** @ PCWorld [Reserve & Collect]

PC Line DX-5 Manual Strip Cut Shredder **WAS £3.97 Now 47p** @ PCWorld [Reserve & Collect]

Found 12th Nov 2009
Manual Strip Cut Shredder
Hand operated
Includes collection bin
Steel cutting blades
Non slip feet
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Looks like it'll need emptying after eveery other sheet,
and the cogs will probably strip before long.

..but at 47p it can't be anything other than hot!
reserved a one voted hot

resvered one tried doing 2 but they only had one left thanks
Just stick the top bit over the bin
none in AIntree Branch tut
Loads in Bristol :thumbsup:
Not much good.

Better get yourself a couple of gerbils. :w00t:
these are crap - break very easily
reserved and voted hot! thanks
thanks alot got 2 from the northolt 1 :thumbsup:
cheap as chips!
some left in Gloucester
Good deal if you can find one near you.
none anywhere in W. or C, London
Charlie Scene;6876698

cheap as chips!

cheaper ---- if you can't find stock that is
Well if they run out, im sure you can get these in a pound shop. So the retail marke up price quoted, was well over inflated to nstart with.
But having said, pretty cool for the price!
Nothing in bournemouth, poole or christchurch dorset..
Good price if you can get one.
Cant believe there was acually one in stock. hot.
Not even worth 7p. I had one a while ago - you can only shred 1 sheet at a time (and only if you are lucky - thick paper wont go through). It is extremely laborious to use and breaks very easily. If you havent found one in stock then you've had a lucky escape!!

these are crap - break very easily

Usually you get what you pay for, in this case a bit less. I had the Ryman version (same methodology), broke twice and refunded twice.

Waste of time, but at least its only 47p!

Loads in Bristol :thumbsup:

none in bristol now :x
I wonder what security level this one is ?


I've seen cheap strip shredders where the strips can be joined back up in seconds.
Cheaper than hamster bedding!
In stock in Livingston.
No pc world near me

Will be good for get rid of all those mails with our detail on. Hot!
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