PC LINE PCL-WBB2 - USB Ball Mouse - £4.99 @ PC World
PC LINE PCL-WBB2 - USB Ball Mouse - £4.99 @ PC World

PC LINE PCL-WBB2 - USB Ball Mouse - £4.99 @ PC World

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Great Value for a USB mouse can order or collect

The PC Line PCL-WBB2 is an excellent value ball mouse is ideal for both right and left handed users. With 3 buttons including a programmable button, it is ideal for both work and play. PC Line Corded Ball Mouse
Includes 3 Buttons
Features 1 Programmable Button
Connects Via USB



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Sorry voted cold for me ball mice are a little obselete imo & can get a reasonable infrared from most online sellers for a little less.

Seems quite expensive for a corded ball mouse. You can get one with 2 buttons and a rollerball for £2.49 in Argos and a nice looking optical mouse for £5.46.

have you been drinking who in the right mind would pay that for a ball mouse you can get wireless mouse and keyboards for less than that if you think this is a good deal if i was you id conner the market and buy um all up as i wont be wanting one. This should go nice with your pentium2 based pc and your 15inch crt montor.

i cant get my hat on some people i bet you buy some right rubbish

Is there some kind of coldest deal competition going on or what? If so I'll just post a deal from littlewoods that will get me nicely chilled

ball mouse? if you want a free one let me know...have loads gathering dust in my garage

I remember the days.......

Corded?....ball?....did I miss something here? Does it make a cuppa or something? It may be under a fiver but does anyone actually use a ball mouse anymore. Like the earlier post, I have these gathering dust-I just have to get around to throwing them out.
I hear there are some Walkmans floating around cheap but I just can't get the tapes for them anymore.....

I thought it was a joke post when I first saw it. I have five brand new ones in my house, and i'd gladly give them away to make space. Why anyone would pay a fiver for one is beyond me?? As already pointed out, an optical one can be obtained for a fiver. So, so cold it's unbelievable.

As far as PC World deals go its V V Hot :P , but yes Ball mouse wouldnt have it for free .. ..

But that is cheap however for PC World

What is a ball mouse?

That is the question that will be on the mind's of todays PC users
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