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Posted 8 September 2023

[PC] Requiem: Avenging Angel - Free To Keep

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Requiem: Avenging Angel is a 3D, first-person action game of biblical proportions set in a world under siege. A holy war rages on Earth between Heaven's Chosen Soldiers and Hell's Fallen Angels. You are Malachi, a Chosen Angel, sent to Earth to save Creation from the wrath of the Fallen. Blast your way through an immersive futuristic 3D world developing Angelic powers like possession, blood boil, locust swarms, and the ability to turn your enemies to pillars of salt. Without you, mankind doesn't have a prayer.
All the heart-pounding action of a top shooter, with a rich story line and realistic character interaction
Fight demons and hell's minions using rare angelic powers, including: Bloodboil, Lightning, Flight, Holy Light, and Turn to Salt
Take up arms against the dark horde of the Fallen and utilize 7 unique weapons of the plane of Creation, including: the “Trinity” Combat Shotgun, “Beelzebomb” Grenade Launcher and “Revelations” Railgun
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  1. Mummraah's avatar
    Thank you for the links, super helpful and made claiming/unsubscribing from marketing content super efficient.
  2. EugeneVictorTooms's avatar
    Does this work?

    An underrated gem but the Steam version is unplayable. One I'd really like to see Nightdive get their hands on.
    Odo93's avatar
    GOG version works fine for me, on windows 10 with an rtx 3050.
  3. 666FU's avatar
    Is this the Wish version of Doom?
    EugeneVictorTooms's avatar
    That would be Rise of the Triad, this is closer to ordering the Wish version of Half-Life or SiN, but yes...

    I had it as a kid, I recall using some lightening ball magic, exploding the enemies and it being a lot of fun, gory, too. I'm sure the rose tinted specs will come off when I install it though
  4. Zoea's avatar
    Thanks heated and collection is increasing free too !
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