[PC] The Crew - Season Pass - £3.46 - Amazon.com

[PC] The Crew - Season Pass - £3.46 - Amazon.com

Found 1st Jun 2016
The Crew Season Pass provides players with access to add-on content including two exclusive cars at launch December 2, 2014. Players will also receive early access to each of the four car packs one week in advance, including new stickers and tuning kits.

It's a uPlay key.
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The Crew Season Pass includes four full-featured add-on car packs, totaling 12 additional cars. Each pack will contain two cars and one supercar that fit the theme of the pack. Season Pass holders will also receive: 23 additional tuning kits unlocked to spec out the Season Pass car lineup for premium performance on any terrain; all official paintjobs and rims for each car; and an exclusive sticker with each pack. Plus, Season Pass holders will get access to these packs one week early. Here’s a full rundown of the four packs:

The Crew - Season Pass

Extreme Car Pack. Performance vehicles that’ll help you stay ahead of the pack in thrilling, high-octane missions. Available January 2015.

Speed Car Pack. These sports cars are finely tuned for racing at breakneck speeds. Available February 2015

Vintage Car Pack. Visiting an iconic American locale? You’ll want to be seen in these equally iconic rides. Available March 2015.

Raid Car Pack. When heading off the beaten path, you can’t do better than these all-terrain vehicles. Available April 2015.
Thanks, have just re-installed Uplay, just for this
Thanks OP.
Beware that this does not include the Wild Run expansion pack

Beware that this does not include the Wild Run expansion pack

Seems a bit of a cheat to me or perhaps I misunderstand the concept of a season pass
Cheers for the info, ill pass based on that.
i cant buy it due to geographical restriction? How to buy?
The game is free this month on xbox live
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